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About MEMS Maid

All About MEMS Maid Employment and Management Services Agency

MEMS Maid is the trusted provider of foreign domestic workers. Founded in 1998, MEMS Maid have provided thousands of clients with professional and well-trained FDWs from Indonesia.

Managed by a team of trained professionals, you can depend on MEMS Maid to provide you with affordable rates and quality services.

At MEMS Maid,  we believe that hiring a domestic helper is not simply a one-size-fits-all enterprise. Each potential FDW is thoroughly assessed to identify their strengths and abilities. This will allows MEMS to recommend a maid from a selected few FDWs that best suit your unique individual needs.

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MEMS Maid’s FDWs are trained in basic aspects of household needs. This includes cleaning, washing and preparing home-cooked meals for your family.

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Child/ Elderly Care

MEMS Maid’s FDWs are trained to meet the physical and psychological needs of infants and elderlies under their care. This will ensure you to have a peace of mind while at work.

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Structured Training

MEMS Maid believes in providing structured training for all foreign domestic helpers to adapt to working in Singapore. Starting with their mindset.

Our Vision

We aim to be the go-to maid agency for employees looking to find domestic help for their homes.

Our Mission

We are focused in providing you the best maid suited for your needs, always!

The Founder

Affordable Rates and Quality Domestic Helpers to Match Your Needs

MEMS Maid was founded by veteran administrator Mdm Maimunah Awang. MEMS Maid has been a leader in the field of both local and foreign employment and maids’ placement services. Countless happy families have benefited from our services throughout the years.

With more than a decade of experience, she has brought in thousands of foreign domestic workers to serve the local community. Mdm Maimunah is well-known for her expertise in the FDW process, deep understanding of peoples’ needs, task-mastership and empathy. These rare combinations have allowed her to witness a low-transfer rate between the maids she placed and their employers. She leads her team to emphasize counseling and helping both employers and their helpers work towards a long-term working relationship.

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What Our Clients Say

Some Testimonials from Happy Clients

We happened to see the sign for the agency and we are thankful we did.  Very helpful staff to match us with a quality helper. Best Service!

Azhar bin Jalil

Amin….. Maimunah Agency will always be our choice, not much hassle and easier to communicate.


We found a lovely lady to be our helper and we are so thankful to MEMS for listening to our needs and matching them with the right person.

Faridah bte Halim

The Go-to Maid Agency Trusted by Many

Customer Care That Goes Beyond Placement of Your Maid

MEMS Maid strongly believes in providing you with efficient and reliable services. As such, we have made the process of having a maid easy, seamless and hassle-free for you.

They will be personally interviewed and handpicked by Mdm Maimunah herself. Each prospective maid will undergo a comprehensive check on their background, work and education history before being selected.

With a focus on customer care that goes beyond the placement of your maid, you can be assured that MEMS Maid will continue to work with you to ensure that you receive the right support throughout the entire employment period.

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