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Foreign Domestic Helpers Gallery

See our Foreign Domestic Helpers Hard at Work. You can also see our foreign domestic helpers profile by registering here. It is FREE for you to use. After registering, you will be directed to our database website for viewing.

Trusted Agency for Foreign Domestic Workers

Customer Care That Goes Beyond Placement of Your Domestic Helper

MEMS Maid strongly believes in providing you with highly efficient and reliable services. As such, it has made the process of having a maid easy, seamless and hassle-free for you.

All Indonesian maid will be personally interviewed, assessed, and selected by Mdm Maimunah herself. In addition, each qualifying prospective maid will undergo a comprehensive check on their background, work, and education history.

Mems Maid focuses on customer care that goes beyond the initial placement of your maid. You can be assured that MEMS Maid will be giving you consistent, full-service support for the entire employment period.

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